Alright this is a story this is supposed to act like a sandbox any ways here we go So we start on 3/12/17 where we got Malwarebytes after realizing that INSTANT SUPPORT* *I like saying it that way.| was a LEGIT VIRUS so we both had premium and we had fun days and days AND DAYS then 3/17/17 cam where.... MY SCREEN GONE BLACK BUT IT WAS O.K. Looked in the quartine was a virus called WAN NA CRY* *That's the cool was to say WannaCry.| AND THEN I JUST PRESSED DELETE ON MY QURATINE AND IT WAS GONE! this is actually 3 storys in one this is the 2nd one 2nd story

Alright this is called THE MYSTERY OF WHO KILLED MALWAREBYTES! For this one it starts on THE SAME DAY THE FIRST STORY ENDED ON It was night and I was going to go to sleep next day gone back to my computer and...........MALWAREBYTES WAS GONE I STARTED SAYING OH MY MEMZ THIS IS TERRIBLE! Things went from bad to TERRIBLE And I had to download it again but if you wanna hear that your gonna have to read the last one. 3rd story

this one starts IN 12/something/17 were I was on youtube my ipad was deaf and saw this Protogent vs wannacry and 000.exe can it defend? I immeadtly steped out of reality into siam alam's world of viruses and malware wiki's world of virus information. with just 1 tap I loved siam alam's videos so much I subscribed to him. then I gone to malware wiki and started looking at viruses then in 2018 I got Malwarebytes back but it was free and then after making a few posts in 3/24/2018 your reading this post about my 3 stories and I hope you loved it.

Thanks for reading. -gamemaster111234